When the relationship with yourself is in harmony magic happens.


Goal Getting Workshop - June 2014

Romilla Ready (lead-author of the top UK selling book, NLP for Dummies) is a Relationships Wizard and my mentor. Top salespeople forge great relationships. Top management teams forge great relationships. Top CEO’s forge great relationships. Top business is founded upon great relationships. So when something, someone, some people, or you are not forging great relationships, call Romilla.
Paul Burr

Romilla is one of those incredibly genuine and special people who instantly feels like a friend when you meet her. She kindly agreed to be a speaker for an Ecademy meeting that I was running, and shared her extensive knowledge of stress management techniques with us. Romilla is a natural storyteller, weaving her tales around her subject in a way which captivates her audience. Not only did we learn some really useful tools to help us reduce the stress we experience in the workplace, we were entertained at the same time. I highly recommend that you take every opportunity not only to connect with Romilla, but to learn from her too.
Christine Clacey – MD Talent4Business

Having worked with Romilla I can absolutely say that she is the absolute expert in helping you find your focus. Applying her work has helped me grow a successful professional practice and enhanced my personal life as I now count my blessings every day
Martin Rowe

I attended a talk given by Romilla on overcoming stress. I found her talk easy to follow and animated. She held the audience well so that participation was forthcoming and everybody was involved. Everyone took something useful away with them.
Caroline Marcuse - Newsletters, Editing, Publicity

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