When the relationship with yourself is in harmony magic happens.

Talks and Workshops

About Talks and Workshops

Relationship Wizardry® is a modular training and development programme which enables you to build strong, durable, results and profit focused business relationships and...you can apply the learning to make your personal relationships fulfilling and joyful, too.


Goal Getting

Goals give you a purpose, a focus and greater control over your life. The upside of setting goals is that it boosts your motivation and achieving your goals works wonders for your self-esteem, your self-confidence and your personal well-being. Yet research shows that even when people set goals, only a small percentage of them succeed in achieving their goals.


Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business

Fast changing times of the 21st Century are creating feelings of instability, insecurity and fear. Mainstream, business paradigms aren’t producing the results that businesses need to create sustainable growth and profit. Using ancient wisdom gives you the edge to thrive in turbulent times.


Ancient Wisdom Modern Leader

Discover the 7 basic reasons why leaders fail as you learn a revolutionary way to intensify your personal resilience, your personal influence and your personal impact so you can gain the edge and stamp your mark indelibly in your workplace.


Beyond Distress™

Stress is very simple. It happens when your life experience doesn’t meet your expectations. ‘Mental and emotional programming’ which is very specific to an individual dictates how someone experiences stress. Understanding how and why you experience stress will give you the ability to master stress and use it to your advantage.


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