When the relationship with yourself is in harmony magic happens.

Relationship Wizardry® Coaching

a highly effective methodology to help you create the change you want at home or at work

Relationship Wizardry® Coaching allows you to look back on your history to discover where the present day dysfunction/disconnect is happening and to create the future you would dare to desire, once your emotions are healed

Yes! Relationship Wizardry® Coaching is very similar to other coaching practices, in that it enables you to get clarity on what you want in life so that you can achieve your goals more quickly and easily with your coach's help.

However, the crucial difference is that Relationship Wizardry® Coaching is a powerful blend of the science of the mind and emotions and ancient wisdom from Hawai’i. It also blends therapeutic practices with coaching processes. The resulting synergy produces a potent tool for creating results which are quick, painless and permanent.

  • Unlike traditional therapy, you don’t have to spend months or years looking back at your life, re-living emotional pain while trying to get some understanding of how past events are affecting you today
  • The therapeutic element gives you real self-awareness of who you are so you can move towards creating the future you would dare to have if you could shed the unconscious, emotional wounds from your past
  • The coaching element enables you to move forward by assimilating new skills and behaviours to live with lightness and joy in your heart and your soul

This means you create the emotional, financial and physical wellbeing that you want and you deserve

As your Relationship Wizardry® coach, Romilla uses Hawai'ian shamanic principles to work on an energetic level while she is actively engaged on working with you to understand how your thoughts and emotions stop you from creating the results you want.

Please contact Romilla to find out more.

Relationship Wizardry® executive coaching

A unique coaching program for executives.


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